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HS Reverb

At Reverb, we gather together to hang out, worship, hear about a topic and what God's word has to say about it, and unpack it all in small groups.

Series: Emoji – Unlocking the Emotions God has Given Us - We live in a culture where emotions are pushed down, repressed, or explosively lived out.  As we start 2018 we will be looking at how God created us with emotion and we will practice tools on living them out in a healthy way.

This week's topic: Sad (Hope) – Matt. 12:21, Rom 8:24, Rom 12:2

KNOW: We want students to know that sadness is a powerful emotion that does not have to be carried as they sort out difficult situations.  We want them to know the hope of the world is the center of their response.

DO: Identify areas in their live that they need to let the hope of the world into so that they can live an abundant life

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